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  1. Primary tumour biology and axillary lymph node status are key prognostic factors in breast cancer treatment. The LowMag trial introduced a magnetic sentinel lymph node biopsy procedure using a superparamagneti...

    Authors: Anke Christenhusz, Anneriet E. Dassen, Margreet C. van der Schaaf, Sadaf Salamzadeh, Mariël Brinkhuis, Bennie ten Haken and Lejla Alic
    Citation: BMC Methods 2024 1:6
  2. Functional evaluation of molecules that are predicted to promote stem cell mediated endogenous repair often requires in vivo transplant studies that are low throughput and hinder the rate of discovery. To offe...

    Authors: Nitya Gulati, Sadegh Davoudi, Bin Xu, Saifedine T. Rjaibi, Erik Jacques, Justin Pham, Amir Fard, Alison P. McGuigan and Penney M. Gilbert
    Citation: BMC Methods 2024 1:5
  3. Recent technological advancements have vastly improved access to high-throughput biological instrumentation, sparking an unparalleled surge in omics data generation. The implementation of artificial intelligen...

    Authors: Zeeshan Ahmed, Shibiao Wan, Fan Zhang and Wen Zhong
    Citation: BMC Methods 2024 1:4
  4. Genome editing enables precise genetic manipulation in plants, offering hope for tackling global food insecurity and malnutrition by enhancing crop traits and nutritional content. The BMC Methods Collection ‘Geno...

    Authors: Stanislaus Antony Ceasar and Musa Kavas
    Citation: BMC Methods 2024 1:3